Will I Enjoy A Career As A German Speaking Recruitment Consultant? (Or Any Language)

Will I Enjoy A Career As A German Speaking Recruitment Consultant? (Or Any Language)

I wanted to write a little article about this topic because I’m doing a lot of work recruiting for other recruitment companies who want to hire German speakers right now. There is a lot of demand for you in this industry!

I have to explain so much what recruitment is and what to expect, as the vast majority of people I talk to have never done recruitment before. So I thought it would be much easier to write an article to share with everyone.

This took me a while to write, as I have kept coming back to it, making sure it’s as accurate and impartial as possible. It’s not my qualified area to write about what it takes to be successful in recruitment. However, as a person who has done it for a good few years, here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you will enjoy it and will stick at it when it’s tough:

  1. Are you excited by money!?

    Recruitment is exciting, thrilling and rewarding, if money is one of your big drivers. It is a money- orientated job, much more than almost any other. You do this job because you want to earn better money than most people, it’s simple as.

    Recruitment is “something to get your teeth into.” It’s NEVER boring or slow, BUT it is very challenging at times. And if you aren’t really bothered either way about earning top dollar, it’s best to get an easier job.

  2. Do you see yourself as a sales person/are you prepared to learn to become one?

    Recruitment is a sales job, so it’s a fun challenge for people who are interested in sales. You have to sell in MANY different ways, both to clients and candidates. You will get full training when working for a decent recruitment company, but you still have to push yourself to make the sales.

    The sales process involves:

    1. Persistently contacting companies, in order to win a job vacancy to work on.
    2. Pitching those jobs to candidates to get them interested.
    3. Selling and negotiating once the interviews are happening to make a successful placement, keeping both your client and candidate happy.

  3. Do you enjoy being VERY busy?

    The job is pretty nonstop, unlike many others. Once you come in and make a coffee, you will most likely be getting straight on the phone as soon as you sit down. The whole office will be ‘all go’ from the start of the day to the end. It just very, very busy, and 60-70% of the time will be spent on the phone. If you adore being really busy at work and love talking to lots of different people all day on the phone, you will really like recruitment!

  4. Are you an energetic person?

    You have to be an energetic person who wants to be the best. If you’re not energetic and dynamic, it just won’t work. There is not much else to say on this one. You need to be full of ‘get up and go.’