Why Translate Your Website Into Different Languages?

If you really want your business to succeed internationally in non-English speaking territories, it's not enough anymore to rely on English. If you don't have a website already in different languages, here are five reasons why it is a good idea!

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  1. You have overseas visitors to your website

    Most websites nowadays use Google Analytics. Have a look at your Analytics by looking in the Audience general tab. You can see the countries in which they are located. Does your website attract lots of visitors from France when your website is only in English? Although many French people do speak English, there will be a sizeable percentage that will not understand every detail they need to buy in English.

  2. You’re an e-commerce business

    If you have products you’re selling across the world, for example clothing, it could be useful to have your essential information, such as returns and delivery in your customers local language. This makes everything clear and informs their purchasing decisions.

  3. Your competitors only have an English language website

    The business world is competitive nowadays. if you are selling products in Germany and you have a website in German, and your competitors don’t, you are likely to win much more business. Having a website in German makes you appear larger and more credible than the competition. It also provides the German website user with a more user-friendly experience and they can process the information they need quicker on your website compared to your competitors’. It’s a no brainer.

  4. You want to have a strong brand

    Translating a website does not mean just translating from English word by word. It considers the customers in the target country and how their preferences may be slightly different from UK customers. If we consider company slogans, which are a vitally important part of your brand, we have to take care to convey the meaning accurately in a foreign language in a way that’s appealing. “Just Do It” in English may not translate well into Japanese. So we have to find something similar that is well known in Japan.

  5. You want to gain thousands of new customers!

    As a former German chancellor Willy Brandt said: If I'm selling I'm happy to speak to you in English. But if I'm buying dann müssen sie deutsche sprechen." By globalizing your website, you will gain customers who can’t speak English or who would just naturally prefer to speak their own language. Not only this but you can unlock whole new markets to sell to, by making your products accessible to them. You may have exhausted the UK market and want to explore a whole new territory.