Why Should Companies of Any Size Work With an Independent Recruiter?

Although it's down to personal preference what sort of recruitment suppliers your company uses, there are many advantages to working with an independent recruiter. Many of these advantages you may not have even thought of. I know this because I didn't appreciate all the advantages myself until I set up my own business. So without further ado:
  1. We want to do the best job we can because our business is everything to us! Each time we gain a new client or recruit for a new role, our own personal reputation is on the line. We get totally paranoid about making the tiniest mistake. I've always cared about the work I've done, but now the business is my own, I take wanting to do a good job to a whole new level.
  2. We have more flexibility with rates and terms. We don't have to ask permission from directors above us. It's our business and we can negotiate deals with our clients that best suits both parties, and more quickly at that.
  3. We can be cheaper than the big boys, purely because we don't have the same costs to cover.
  4. We don't leave the office at 6pm every night. We're often checking emails at 9 or 10 at night, we're doing bits and pieces on Saturdays and Sundays. Our business is dear to us, so it comes home with us.
  5. We often provide a more personal service. Although a friendly, personal service is standard everywhere, independent recruiters have a bit more time to talk to you at length, to answer questions and to generally just spend longer attending to each client. This is due to a few reasons - we work in a less pressurised environment, don't tend to take on too much, etc.
  6. We usually have a deeper specialism. We usually pick a sector we're good at, passionate about and stick to it. We aren't made to recruit roles we don't enjoy working on. We only take on what we know we can do a great job with!
  7. We tend to meet candidates a lot more. All independent recruiters I speak to seem to meet candidates so much more than the bigger agencies. This is often because we work mainly with companies in the local area, we don't have the same volume of roles to fill, and it's just so much better to meet candidates!
  8. It's just good to support independents and start ups a bit! It's the same principal as choosing to go to a local coffee shop instead of Starbucks, which I often do. It just gives local business a chance.