Exporting To Germany – Is It A Good Idea? What The Numbers Say

Exporting to Germany – is it a good idea? What the numbers say

You will probably agree that 2019 was a touch-and-go year for us all with the Brexit uncertainty. A lot of companies had to ponder their export future. 2020 has been even more challenging. Shopping styles have had to become more flexible and adaptive to adjust to social distancing and lockdown.

We have looked into some figures to check whether it is still profitable to think about exporting your goods and services to a particular European country, namely Germany.

The best source of reliable data is always the Office for National Statistics. We have discovered some very interesting facts, which you may find below.

You can clearly see that with the US being the leading partner in export, Germany was our second biggest target market in 2018 and in the first quarter of 2019.

So, if you are a company looking for new investors or export partners you might want to investigate the opportunities hiding behind the German market.

You can find these facts and more at the Office for National Statistics

Do you think that Germany will still remain one of the biggest export partners for our country in 2020? Will the industry shift more towards e-commerce?