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Bespoke Stairlifts say that for them, Brexit means business as usual! We started working with Bespoke Stairlifts as they were requiring some translation services to support them with their exciting global expansion plans.

Bespoke Stairlifts manufacture and distribute their range of stairlifts across Europe, serving countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Portugal. Check out some snap shots of our translation work and please get in touch with any translation enquiries.

Translation of the Synergy installation manuals into French, German, Spanish and Italian

Bespoke’s Synergy Stairlift is the product that has been helping elderly people across Europe, and Bespoke came to us to translate the Synergy installation manuals into these languages. It was quite a technical project, but BonBon Languages were able to turn the 36 page English manual into fully functioning manuals in the four languages. Bespoke Stairlifts simply sent us the English version, and we did the rest, which was all content translation and desktop art working. The company had nothing further to do except review the finished manuals.

Translation/transcreation of Bespoke Stairlift’s latest marketing brochure in Italian & Portuguese

Due to new stairlift dealer acquisition in Portugal and Italy, we were tasked with translating and art-working Bespoke Stairlift’s new marketing brochure. With marketing materials, it’s best not to literally translate word for word as a slogan which makes perfect sense in English could sound weird or ineffective in Portuguese. So, we spoke to the company about the meanings behind their strap lines and content, so we could portray this in the best way in Italian and Portuguese. We tried a couple of different options for the main slogan ‘Make your home your own’ in Portuguese.

Translation of the Synergy user handbooks into French, German, Spanish and Italian

New installation manuals for each of these languages also meant new user handbooks for the end users of the stairlifts. A mixture of informational, technical and legal text, we managed to quickly and efficiently finish this translation project, turning these around within a week for the company to review.

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If you are looking for a translation service that exceeds your expectations, then you need to speak to Lauren at BonBon Languages, the team here are excellent and the service is fast and very competitive.
– Bespoke Stairlifts, Huddersfield