Russian From Scratch!

For anyone who is interested in the process of learning Russian from scratch, I began learning the language with no prior knowledge myself, and teach students in the same way as I was taught. So here is a guide to how you will learn Russian with me in the first few lessons.

This is a guide rather than a fast rule, and doesn't include every detail. Also, exact speeds of learning can't be guaranteed, as they vary from student to student.

  • Lesson One/Two Learning to read Russian. We usually spend one - two lessons getting the hang of reading.
  • Lesson Three Learning to write. Getting speedy at writing is an on-going process and the more you do it over many months, the quicker you will get. Eventually you will be able to write almost as naturally as you do English!
  • Lesson Four Time to start speaking, and we'll cover a lot quickly. We will learn the first 'case.' Cases are an important bit of Russian grammar. Vocabulary will be related to getting around when travelling to Russia. Also, introducing yourself and others.
  • Lesson Five We'll learn numbers up till 100, meet another case, and start already start to work with different tenses. (a tense means saying something in the past, present or future.) This is all at the same time as practising vocab related to meeting people in Russia.
  • Lesson Six This is all about directions around town and the town where you live. Again, we will also be covering lots of important grammar and use of cases.
  • Lesson Seven We will learn how to book hotels in Russia, and of course more grammar. This will include learning how to say what we have and don't have.

I hope this gives you a bit more insight if you're thinking of learning. It's an intensive course but fun and rewarding at the same time. The method I use breaks it down as well, so learning this challenging language is definitely do-able. Please feel free get in touch to find out more.