Language Recruitment Service Levels

Service Levels

For recruitment roles we operate three different service levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. You can choose which level you want to go with when you give us a role to work.


Our Bronze service is applied when we work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, where there are more than one agency working to fill the role and when the role has been advertised directly.

  • Express role requirements capture
  • Use of your existing job spec
  • Job posted on select job boards and social media
  • Access to our existing BonBon candidate database
  • Pre-screening of candidates over the phone, where possible face to face
  • Candidates interviewed using BonBon Languages’ standard recruitment process
  • CV submission
  • Interview preparation
  • Offer management and feedback
  • Role worked by our Trainee Consultant with supervision by a Director
  • Standard response time
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Our Silver service applies when you allow us to work exclusively on a role for a 14 day period on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.

  • Full requirements capture via client questionnaire, followed by additional phone call/meeting
  • Bespoke job spec created by us
  • Job posted on select job boards and social media
  • A search of our BonBon candidate database plus a wider search of partner databases
  • Pre-screening of candidates over the phone
  • Candidates interviewed using BonBon Languages’ standard systemised recruitment process
  • CV submission with salary expectation details
  • Interview preparation
  • Offer management and feedback
  • CV’s formatted and presented with interview notes
  • All candidates interviewed face to face or via video
  • Headhunting from job board databases
  • Bespoke job advert created with you
  • Market insight and information used to develop the job specification
  • Role worked by a Director and a Candidate Manager
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Our gold service applies when you work exclusively with us on a retained basis. This means we are paid a percentage of the fee for our work done up front.

  • Headhunting from the passive marketplace using our advanced headhunting system
  • CV and Video ‘Candidate Pitch’ specifically for your role, presented to you
  • Detailed personal profile and interview notes to accompany the above
  • Extra work done with the candidates to ensure their application is at the required standard
  • Candidate Cover Letter included
  • All candidates will undergo a pre-screening and a face to face interview with the director of the business
  • Interview day managed by our team to streamline the recruitment process
  • In-depth requirement capture with the Hiring Manager for the role
  • In-depth market analysis on salary expectations, competitor offering, and market trends to improve chance of filling the position quickly
  • New Candidate generation by a blended mix of headhunting and AI searching
  • International sourcing if required
  • Jobs posted on a range of targeted paid job boards
  • Recruitment process timeline developed and agreed
  • Talent pipeline creation for current and future requirements
  • Role delivered by an advanced recruitment team consisting of several members, for maximum speed
  • Additional requests you may have accommodated for, within reason
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If you're not exactly sure which pricing strategy will work for your business, please contact us and we will help you to choose the most appropriate option.
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