How To Attract German Speakers To Your Business – A Basic Guide For Companies

How to attract German speakers to your business– a basic guide for companies

German speaking positions are harder to fill than many other languages. That is partly due to there being only about 150 000 German native workers in the whole of the UK. And not all of these will be interested in, or qualified for the type of position you are offering.

So naturally it makes sense to make your offer as appealing as possible.

Here are a few basic tips on how to attract good German speaking candidates.

  1. Emphasise that the role is German speaking in the title

    It’s amazing how many job specs have the German speaking requirement buried in the body of the advert text. When the language element is so important, it’s best to emphasise it in the title.

  2. Make your job advert exciting and enticing, focusing on giving applicants a clear picture of what the job will entail and why it is a good opportunity

    As we know, everybody is looking for an answer to that question ‘what is in it for me.’ Don’t overcomplicate the task description or use a lot of industry jargon, so that the applicant doesn’t understand what exactly they will be doing. And I would recommend selling the benefits of working for the company early on in the advert to grab attention.

  3. Try to pay as high of a salary as you can

    Offering a salary of under £20K is often not high enough to attract very good candidates quickly. If you are a temp employer, £9 per hour isn’t enough for such an important, rare language skill.

  4. Emphasise the opportunities to use their language skills

    This sounds obvious, but it is important. Language grads particularly are hugely motivated by using their language skills. This is often their biggest driver. Bear this in mind when selling your opportunity.

  5. Give yourself enough time to find the right candidate

    As said previously, fluent Germanists are not the easiest to find in the UK. It is much better to start the process of attracting candidates far ahead of the dire need! Especially if your office isn’t in the easiest location.

  6. Keep fresh and up to date with what is going on in the wider work world

    Coronavirus has brought about changes in work life, with some companies allowing remote working to continue permanently and other changes. There is already a lot more competition for German speaking candidates. Be mindful of this and consider what else you could offer to make a candidate choose your business.