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Translating Website Content

BonBon Languages first started working with the company fairly recently after they unveiled exciting plans to expand into France, Germany and Spain. We were tasked with translating the company’s website content from English into French, German and Spanish.

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The brief

The company wanted their website translated in the best possible way into German, French and Spanish. They didn’t want the text to sound like a translation, but rather like totally natural marketing copy in each language.

After asking several questions about what the business stood for and its USPs, we then we agreed on a creative translation approach. This meant we focussed more on capturing the essence of the brand in each language rather than translating word for word from English.

What we needed to do the job

The company provided us with a large Word document containing the following info:

  • All text copy that needed translating – About Us, Services etc.
  • Lists of hard coded elements (website buttons) that needed translating
  • Lists of URLs to translate
  • Links to video to translate and subtitle

What sort of text was translated?

We provided a creative translation from English into German, French, and Spanish of the following:

  • About Us page
  • Events page
  • Article about current affairs in the automotive industry
  • Customer FAQ page
  • Header and Footer – Accept Cookies, Terms and Conditions, etc.

Was the client happy?

Yes. The clients reviewed the bilingual files. A bilingual file means the original and translated texts sitting side by side. They made a few changes to the German translations, down to a stylistic language point that the client preferred. We made these changes at no additional cost. The French and Spanish versions were signed off by the team straight away.

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