How To Attract And Hire Post Corona Virus

How to attract and retain German and other linguists, post Corona virus?

How to stay ahead as company and adapt to the new world of work.

To say this has been a hard time for everyone is an understatement. And recruitment has also been quiet, with a lot less companies hiring than before.

However, this won’t be forever, and international business is already starting to pick up. Germany has been less affected by the virus and is already easing the lockdown. This market is bouncing back a little more, ahead of the UK.

Here is some useful info below, about the current hiring market for German and other linguists. These are taken from my own experience, talking to clients and candidates during this situation.

  1. People in Germany are not relocating to the UK during this time

    Candidates I’m speaking to, who, two months ago, were more than willing to move to the UK now want to stay in Germany due to the virus. This means the candidate pool is even smaller than it was before. You will be looking at UK based candidates for the foreseeable.

  2. However, if you can be offer remote working, will have more choice of candidates

    This situation has shown us that working from home is enjoyable for most people, and 99% of us can be trusted to do this fine. If you could consider remote workers as a viable option, tricky office locations will no longer be an issue. I recently video- interviewed an outstanding candidate based in Germany who is actively searching for a German marketing role for a UK brand. However, they want to do this remotely from Germany. We think this would work fine as companies are all working remotely anyway at the moment.

  3. Candidates have time to reflect and think about what they want from their work life

    Candidates, especially on furlough, are having time to reflect on what makes them happy. A week or so ago, I had my first candidate who rejected an offer they were so keen on before. They rejected the offer as they decided they preferred flexible hours and no longer wanted such a stressful job in a busy office. This was terrible for the company- They had been looking for a candidate like them for months. This is something to be aware of, because it’s happening. It’s becoming more of a candidate’s market than ever before.

  4. Recruitment is still happening, and it’s going video! These forward-thinking clients will get the best candidates first. There is going to be a sudden, competitive rush to hire very soon.

    Some of my clients are still hiring, interviewing and making offers through software such as MS Teams and Google Hangouts. I had one of my clients start their new German speaking account manager this week, fully committed to remote on-boarding and video meetings. This willingness helped them secure a great candidate, ahead of everyone else. As soon as everyone is all ready to hire again, there is going to be big competition for candidates. If you can beat this rush, you will attract the best people first.