How To Attract German Speakers For Your Business Roles In Leeds Or The Wider UK

How to attract German speakers for your sales, customer service or other business position based in the UK.

German is one of the most sought-after language skills in the UK right now as business with Germany is thankfully booming, despite the Brexit uncertainty. If you want to fill your German speaking role as quickly as you can, you should consider the points below:

  1. Offer a higher salary

    The salary for a German speaking role should be higher than comparable English language roles. Because it is quite a rare skill to speak German to a good business level. £18K- £20K is the standard rate for an entry level German speaking position here in the Leeds area. However, it this means that candidates will be likely to ‘shop around’ more as all the jobs they are applying to are the same salary. If you can offer a bit higher, it boosts your chances of securing them. Also, it sounds obvious but, the higher the salary, the more likely candidates will be to leave their current position and feel drawn in by the offer.

  2. Bear in mind that salaries are a lot higher in Germany!

    My candidates tell me that salaries are much higher in Germany in general than in the UK. Average salaries for experienced administration and business staff can be £45K in Germany. So you will need to anticipate candidates comparing this, if relocating from Germany.

  3. Offer help with relocation for candidates based in the area, but not close enough already to your office

    If you’re in a difficult location, which a lot of our clients are, you can attract candidates by offering them a sweetener to join. We work with a client who helps candidates out by covering their first month’s rent if they move for the position. Another idea would be helping with the cost of a train season ticket for people who need to get the train. (which can be expensive!) For example if a candidate is travelling from Huddersfield to Leeds.

  4. Offer some unique (and cheap) benefits that wow

    Get creative and think about what other benefits you can offer that may give your job the edge over the other places the candidate can work at. Give candidates a reason to leave their current company. A company I know have now introduced 4-day working week. This could be just a Friday afternoon off though – a sure fire way to boost your applications. Alternatively you could do something simple like introduce a fridge stocked with fizzy drinks for people to enjoy during their working day. There are so many ideas that will make a huge difference to employee happiness and retention rates, that won’t cost you the earth.

  5. Think outside the box and widen your talent pool. Be flexible as to who would have potential

    Okay, so you might specify that you have to hire native German speakers. But do you.. This issue can be talked about extensively in a whole separate blog post. While some areas, such as creative marketing, do need native speakers, other areas do not. German Studies Graduates or even A Level Germanists are a great choice in my opinion. They always extremely keen use their hard-earnt language skills. If it turns out their German does need a bit of work after your language assessment, why not offer some German language tuition? This will give these candidates that extra boost to bring them to the required level, and they will relish this opportunity. They will see this as a perk/benefit to the job, so it kills two birds with one stone. Why lose a keen candidate for a hard to fill job? Why not work with them to develop them to the required level?